Cardiology Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) #4

MCQ #7

Cardiology Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) #4


62 years



Cheif complaint:

Shortness of breath

History of present illness:

A restaurant owner presented with increasing shortness of breath.

Drug History:

He is on two tablets one of them is a diuretic and the other one is an anti-arrhythmic.


ElectroCardioGram (ECG):

Prolonged QT interval.

Chest X-Ray (CXR):

diffuse fibrotic changes.


All of the following might explain the prolonged QT interval, except:

  1. Heart failure.
  2. Hypokalaemia.
  3. Furosemide therapy.
  4. Hypercalcaemia.
  5. Amiodarone therapy.



Correct answer:

4. Hypercalcemia


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