19 Drugs, A List Of The Scientific Drug Names

Here is a list of the scientific drug names, the list is being updated on regular basis.

  1. Apixaban
  2. Argatroban
  3. Dabigatran
  4. Digoxin
  5. Edoxaban
  6. Fondaparinux
  7. Gemfibrozil
  8. Heparin (UnFractionated Heparin)(UFH)
  9. Isoniazid
  10. Lepirudin
  11. Lithium
  12. Penicillin
  13. Phenytoin
  14. Rivaroxaban
  15. Suxamethonium

  16. Tetracycline
  17. Theophylline
  18. Warfarin
  19. Vorinostat


If you know a drug that is not listed here, please inform us through the comments and we will list them as soon as possible.

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