4 Rivaroxaban Lecture Notes For Healthcare Professionals

1. Rivaroxaban is a Direct Oran AntiCoagulant (DOAC) that targets activated factor X (Factor Xa), 30% of it will be cleared renally, and it has a half-life of 7-11 hours.

2. Trade names:

  • Xarelto.

3. Indications of treatment with Rivaroxaban:

  • In Atrial Fibrillation (AF) as a prophylaxis for embolic events like ischemic stroke, the dose is 20mg daily, but if the patient has a creatine clearance ranging from 15-30ml/min the dose should be reduced to 15mg daily.
  • Acute Venous ThromboEmbolism (VTE), 15mg every 12 hours for 21 days, then 20mg daily.

4. If monitoring is required for Rivaroxaban it can be done by measuring Anti Factor Xa levels.


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